Chemical Straighteners are a great way to add manageability to curly or wavy hair, and add shine and body to frizzy hair.  There are three main types of Chemical Straightening: keratin smoothing, thio-based straighteners, and lye-based relaxers.


Keratin Smoothing:

Keratin Smoothing (or Brazilian blowout) is a revolutionary treatment that, in addition to straightening, adds tons of shine, reduces frizziness, and strengthens all types of hair, making it perfect for chemically-processed, color-treated, and extremely damaged hair.


Thio-based straighteners:

Thio-based straighteners include "Japanese Straighteners," or thermal reconditioning, and basic straighteners.  Garret is certified to perform Rusk Thermal Str8, a great thermal re-conditioner that provides permanently bone-straight, shiny hair, while preserving the health of the hair.  Rusk AntiCurl is a great basic straightener that is quicker and more affordable that Thermal Str8, and provides more subtle results.  AntiCurl is usually used for touch-ups or for straightening men's hair.


Lye-based relaxers:

Lye-based relaxers have come a long way from the harsh relaxers of the past.  Mizani Rhelaxers provide shiny, healthy straightening for kinky, curly, or coarse hair.  These relaxers are especially great on African-American hair


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